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Are you an Ikea Certified Kitchen installer?

No, I am not and neither is anyone else who otherwise claims to be.

In fact, there is no such thing as a certification issued by Ikea to any kitchen installer. It simply doesn’t exist.

“But why do some kitchen installers claim to be certified by Ikea then?” you may ask. I cannot know for sure but my guess would be that they hope it will bring them more business as you may see them as being better or more trustworthy, which of course isn’t the case.

How do I get an estimate?

If you already have finalized the layout of your new kitchen and you would like to know how much it will cost to install, you can email the layout plan to me and I will reply with a price within one business day.

If you don’t have a pdf-file you can share your design with me directly from your account in the online Ikea planner by adding as a receiver. Watch the video below how easy it is.

If you have asked me to help you with the layout of the kitchen, I already have what I need to provide you with an estimate.

I would like for you to do the measurements, is that something you offer?

Yes, but only in connection with the In-Home kitchen planning service. For a flat fee of $299 plus HST, I’ll come by and measure your kitchen.

Read more right here

Can you help us making a layout plan for the kitchen?

Absolutely. For a flat fee of $299 plus HST, I’ll come by and measure your old kitchen and create a layout plan for the new one as well.

When I have created the layout plan I will email it to you for your approval. Any changes and adjustments until you’re happy with everything and we agree on a final layout, are included.

Does the room need to be empty i.e. must the old kitchen be removed prior to taking measurements?

No, that’s not necessary. As a matter of fact, it is better that the old kitchen is in place when I come to discuss the new layout with you so we can talk about what is working well with the current setup and what needs to be changed.

Can you help with delivery of the kitchen?

Unfortunately not. However, for a relatively low fee, Ikea will deliver to your house and carry everything into the room of your choice. It cannot be easier.

I suggest that all the boxes and parts from Ikea are placed in a room adjacent to the kitchen, or in the kitchen itself if the room is very big.

Will it be helpful if I sort all the boxes from Ikea them after delivery?

It depends.

If you sort all the items by type i.e. all cabinets together, all door and drawer fronts together, all panels together, and so forth, that will be very helpful.

However, sorting them in regards to the location i.e. a cabinet plus its door/drawer plus its hardware etc in one pile by itself and so forth, that is not a good idea.

How long does it take to install the kitchen?

Installation of the new kitchen can take from two days to five days. It depends on the size of the kitchen of course but also on how many drawers, panels, and other additional parts there are.

In most cases, I will start to install your kitchen on a Monday and continue throughout the same week until completion.

Can you also help with removal of the old kitchen?

Absolutely. I’ll be happy to dismount the old kitchen cabinets and countertop but I cannot help you dispose of it.

Often older kitchens are easy to dispose of as many find them suitable to install in their cottage, basement, or garage. If possible, I always dismount an old kitchen in a way that it can be reused, instead of just smashing it to pieces.

How do I make an appointment for measurements and/or installation?

Booking an appointment is easy.

Just call or text me at 613 867 1810, or email me and we will set it up.

Do you offer any warranty for the installation?

Yes, certainly. Should any issues caused by wrong or faulty installation occur within 5 years from the final date of installation, I’ll rectify the issue at no cost to you.

If you charge less than Ikea, does that mean I get less?

No, absolutely not. You actually get more.

Since I am some kind of a hybrid between a meticulous craftsman and a Swiss army knife, I can also do most of the small non-Ikea tasks related to the renovation of a kitchen.

That will not only save you time but also money as you would not need to hire other people for these small jobs.

How about floors, can you install a new floor?

Yes, in rare cases. If your new floor is a laminate floor, I can certainly install it for you.

Putting in hardwood flooring is, however, something you’ll need to ask a flooring company to do.

Can you do plumbing and/or electrical work?

For plumbing and electrical work, you will need to get a plumber and electrician. My insurance company will not be friendly if I start doing plumbing work without a license.

The same goes for the electrical. However, renewing receptacles and faceplates I can do, but the relocation of electrical outlets is something an electrician must take care of.

Do you ask for a deposit?

Normally not. However, if the estimate for the installation is more than $3000 I’ll ask for a $1000 deposit.

Do you provide an invoice?

Of course.
When the kitchen installation is completed I’ll send you an invoice by email.

What are the payment conditions?

Your invoice is due upon receipt i.e. when the kitchen installation is finished.

Please note. If you have accepted to have a final adjustment of doors and drawers carried out after installation of quartz or granite countertop, which normally is done 2-3 weeks after I have completed the kitchen, completion date in regards to payment, isn’t postponed to after final adjustment is done.

How can I pay?

You can pay with cash or by cheque, Interac, or credit card.

Please note, that a 3% payment fee is being added should you choose to pay with a credit card.

Do you do work in Quebec?

No, unfortunately not.
I’ve opted out on the RBQ license so, for now, I am only serving customers in Ontario.