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In two easy phases

The complete process of removing an older kitchen and starting an Ikea kitchen installation can be divided into two phases.

Phase 1 is everything you do before starting to remove the old kitchen. Phase 2 is everything that happens after you start the demolition and begin the Ikea kitchen installation itself.

Activities in phase 1 are taking measurements and designing the kitchen. This is where we're creating a layout plan, choosing door and drawer fronts, deciding whether you want under cabinet lights and everything else that has to do with your kitchen. In other words, phase 1 is where you make all the decisions.

Phase 2 is where all the action takes. We will remove the old kitchen, have new floors put in, do any changes needed to the plumbing and electrical system, and paint walls and ceiling if needed. We will also install all cabinets, countertop, sink, appliances and everything else that needs installing.



In order to get started with designing your new kitchen, I can offer two options as described in the following.

OPTION 1 - Kitchen Measurement & In-Home Kitchen Planning

After a visit to Ikea, you pretty much know what design you are going for, but you would like me to take all the measurements and help you plan the layout of your new kitchen to optimize functionality based on your individual needs.

I will visit you in your home to create a detailed layout of your new kitchen for you, using the IKEA Home Planner software, including cabinets, panels, filling, handles, and appliances.

In-Home Planning Service includes:

  • The measurements of your room will include:
    • Room dimension (height, length, width)
    • Dimension and position of windows and doors
    • Position of external walls
    • Width of all windows (including the sill) and their height above the floor
    • Position of sloping ceilings
    • Position of electric, water and gas connections and other fixtures.
    • Check to see if all room corners are square, and all walls are plumb.
  • Three-hour personal consultation.
  • Detailed kitchen layout and 3D view drawing prepared on the software, IKEA Home Planner, and emailed you as a pdf-file.
  • Itemized price quote for IKEA Kitchen products (cabinetry, appliances)
  • Explanation of the buying and installation process

Important to know:
Walls and ceilings don't need to be finished; plumbing, gas, and electrical connections don't need to be present at the appointment time.

I will not bring samples to our appointment, only my experience and good advice. You will be receiving a planning service, not a design service. I know about functionality and layout, not about style/design. You must make your style decisions before your planning appointment.

Price: $299 - Up to 3 hours in your home and my office planning work included.


OPTION 2 - Checking and validating your design and order list

If you are planning on doing the layout plan yourself but would like me to go through your design and the Ikea order list, this is the option you want to choose.
When you, or the Ikea kitchen designers, have finalized the layout plan for your new kitchen, you have the possibility to send it to me by email, and I will go through all the details and options to make sure that everything is as expected. When the design and order list has been finalized I will send you an estimate package which, besides the estimate for the cost of installation also included everything you need for ordering your kitchen at Ikea.
Price: $249.

ikea kitchen installation


When the final design of your kitchen has been agreed upon, you are ready to start all the activities that need to be carried out before your kitchen project is completed.
Below you can see that I have divided this phase into seven steps. Getting a new kitchen doesn't need to be complicated.

Step 1 - Order & Pickup/Delivery

After the kitchen layout and parts list have been double-checked and finalized, you are now ready to order all the parts for your new kitchen.
You can do that by either going to Ikea or to give them a call. With the print-out from the online Ikea planner, the good people at Ikea can pull up your list and they will convert it into an order.
I suggest that you have Ikea make the delivery as opposed to bring home all the items yourself. They have a reasonably priced flat fee so it is truly not worth the hassle doing it yourself in my opinion.

Step 2 - Removal of old kitchen

After all the Ikea boxes have been delivered or picked up, we are almost ready to begin installing your new kitchen.
However, if your project is a kitchen renovation and not a new house project, the old kitchen must be removed before the new kitchen can be installed.
If you don't want to do this yourself, I will be happy to do it as well. If the old kitchen is still in a reasonable state, it might even bring in some money if advertised on Kijiji. In that case, gentle dismounting is required.

Step 3 - Painting, Plumbing & Electrical

When the old kitchen has been removed, it's good to make any major changes to the plumbing and electrical installations.
Each kitchen renovation is different, and the extent of changes to the utilities depends on how different the new layout is compared to the old one. If the stove, fridge, sink, and dishwasher are kept in (almost) the same spots as before, you might only need small adjustments. However, if you are moving the appliances to new positions, you are looking at bigger changes. Of course, these things are known when designing your new kitchen so that appointments can be made in due time.
Having the walls painted before I install the cabinets and the end panels, in particular, will give the best result, in my opinion.

Step 4 - Installation of new kitchen

Finally, the room is ready. The assembly and installation of the kitchen cabinets can begin.
I will assemble and install all Ikea parts. That includes cabinets, doors, drawers, panels, shelves, toe-kicks, handles, and knobs, just to mention a few. And, of course, everything, according to Ikea's instructions. Sounds great, huh??
In general, the only thing I don't install is the countertop and sink/faucet unless it is an Ikea laminate or butcher block countertop with NO joints.

Step 5 - Measurement of Countertop

When I have finished installing all the base cabinets, the countertop company can come by and do their measurements.
If I start installing your kitchen on a Monday, everything will be ready for the countertop people Thursday morning.

Step 6 - Delivery & Installation of Countertop

The countertop company will install the countertop, so I will not interfere with this part of the kitchen renovation.
Depending on which countertop company you are using, the countertop will be delivered between 1 and 5 weeks after measurements were taken.

Step 7 - Adjustment & Finishing Touch

When the countertop, the sink, and the faucet are all in place, and the plumbing and electrical work have been completed, the kitchen renovation has almost come to an end.
All drawers, doors, handles, knobs, toe-kicks etc., have been installed at this stage in the process. Now I can come by to perform the final adjustment, so everything is lining up perfectly.
Sometimes the heavy quartz/granite countertop will make the floor and kitchen cabinets shift slightly. This makes a small adjustment of the drawers and doors necessary. We want it to be perfect, right?
Your new kitchen is now ready for you to "move in".
If you have any questions please send me an email or contact me here


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